Buy Sell Payment InstitutionIntroduction

API Compliance can assist firms looking to buy or sell UK payment institutions and electronic money institutions.

There are many reasons why an organisation would choose to buy a payment institution rather than go through the application process for a new firm, including improved time-to-market and acquiring an existing client base.

Change of Control

We can assist with all aspects of the change of control procedure with the FCA and HMRC.

Preparation of the filing typically takes around 2 weeks, with a completed application processed by the FCA and HMRC in typically 4-12 weeks.  This time frame does not take account of any due diligence you will need to undertake on the prospective buyer/seller.

If you have questions regarding sales and acquisitions please get in touch.

Currently for Sale

We have a number of SPIs, APIs and AEMIs for sale at present – please contact us for details.